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Words Will Never Be Enough

I’ve sat on this for weeks, because I know this is part of my grieving process and I still want to believe it was some horrible nightmare, not reality, but here we are. I lost the guy that was always “my guy.” I still think he’s going to randomly call me one day, and I […]

Blue Bell is More Than Just Ice Cream

She died four months before my 18th birthday. In a matter of three weeks she went from sick with a cold, to unresponsive in a nursing home, yet she has continued to live on in my life in the form of Blue Bell coffee ice cream, Diet Coke, and late night crime drama’s. For some […]

The Loneliness in Family

One would think that growing up in a house with seven other people¬†would be everything but lonely, however, in a culture that puts family last, it was quite the opposite. My mom managed to somehow home school all of us. I’m not really sure how, but she managed to pull it off with pretty decent […]

A Little Reflection

As the year comes to a close I believe it’s important to look back and reflect on what has happened and the lessons that have been learned. This year marked a lot of firsts for me: I got my first tattoo, experienced my first taste of small unit leadership in the Marine Corps, left the […]